Marshall Covenant Presbyterian Church


Our Church

Our congregation makes visitors, as well as members, feel welcome. Greeters and ushers are at the front door each Sunday morning.

Our members are active in many aspects of community affairs, such as Marshall Food Pantry, Philharmonic Orchestra, Municipal Band, Community Chorus, Mental Health Assoc., Boy and Girl Scouts, and school booster clubs. We are ready to be of aid in times of grief or distress, as well as to applaud and celebrate each other’s happy occasions.

Many of our members are educators, in the health profession, former military members, and/or involved in county and city government and service organizations. People of different needs, backgrounds, and religious backgrounds are welcome into our fellowship.

Our Approach

Our Mission
We at Covenant Presbyterian Church invite all people to experience God’s presence through worship, fellowship, music, and service to the community and world with faith in Jesus Christ.
Our Vision
We are a mission- and community-minded Christ-worshiping church. We respond quickly to those in need within our limits. Our doors are open to all who worship Christ.
Our Call
Our congregation responds to folks in need. We give through the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) in the US & internationally. Examples: multiple times to hurricane and flood victims and Hungarian relief. Both churches have active Presbyterian Women groups, who help us focus on providing food for the Open-Door Kitchen, Souper Bowl Sunday, multiple families (especially during holidays). Fund raising mission projects are Chili and Soup supper, Ice Cream supper, and Barbeque cookout. We give through PC USA supporting OGH., Agape House, Blanket Fund, Cancer Perks, Theological Seminary, Thank Offering, Birthday Offering, and others.